Bumpin’ Uglies at Pipe Dream Brewing

Brandon Hardesty and the Bumpin’ Uglies crew stopped in on their tour compliments of Reggae 360 this summer. They play a unique stripped down acoustic set for a fan type show that did not disappoint.

Pipe Dream Brewing
3rd Anniversary!!

Weather turned out perfect for our 3rd Anniversary this past Saturday. We had over 30 beers on tap, 4 incredible reggae/rock bands and plenty of tasty BBQ. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us. You guys are definitely the life blood of Pipe Dream. We have some many kind and gracious people visit our brewery and taproom every week. We love brewing and serving delicious suds to all of you. Here are a few pics of the shenanigans throughout the day!!

Member Brew Day 2019!!

Our members take care us year round here at Pipe Dream. We love giving back and having brew days and tastings to help better develop our recipes. This years brew day we brewed a Funky Farmhouse Saison. Thanks so much to all the members who participated in this years brew. It will be canned and distributed with a great group picture of everyone on the label. Cheers!!

Total Collision
Fresh Perspective

Reggae Showcase at Pipe Dream


This Tennessee Roots reggae band stopped by Pipe Dream on their national tour across the U.S. with the culmination being “Cali Roots” festival in Monterey, CA. They rocked it and had people in awe with their talent level. We also shot some acoustic videos with ROAR and Reggae 360. Look for those to be out soon. Big thanks to Reggae 360, ROAR crew and everyone that came out on a Wednesday night to help support the NH reggae scene. Cheers!!


A huge thank you to everyone that made it out to our All Summer Long Beach Party. It was our first day opening our new taproom/event space. Lots of positive feedback from everyone. Big thank you to Dub Apocalypse for testing out and launching our new sound equipment in the new room. They sounded incredible. Super nothing spread great vibes in the afternoon with some new covers and originals. Joe Sambo made a nice surprise appearance and performed with DJ Mareley Mon to end the night. Cheers to everyone that made this night possible. Smokehaus BBQ was super tasty as always. Big thank you to Turf Depot for suppling us with the equipment to clean up all the sand. 
Until next year!!


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2nd Anniversary

It been a wild and crazy 2 years+ for us. We wouldn’t be where we are without the support we get from our local community. Thank so much to everyone who contributed to getting us where we are today.

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The canning line can be an exciting experience.

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